Mountain View, CA (WIBX) - Some say the end of the world is approaching, so it may be a good time to reflect on what we, as a international community united by the Internet, thought most important in 2012.

Some of it is embarrassing (do we really want to admit that Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian preoccupied so much of our time?), but much more of it is inspiring.

The Google Zeitgeist is a look back at the most popular searches in 2012.  And, 2012 will be known as much for inspiration as it was for tragedy.  Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting will continue to clutch at our heartstrings forevermore but there were also many jubilant moments of the year.  According to Google, NASA landing Curiosity on the moon and a successful summer Olympics helped buoy our spirits.

Google's Lists include Whitney Houston in the number one spot for searches, as well as the most searched for person followed closely by Kate Middleton. #SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was the most searched for hashtag.

Gangnam Style quickly became the top video search, YouTube providing it with the platform to earn the title of "Most Viewed Video" ever in history.

And, even though they were both competing for votes to become the elected leader of the free world, neither President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney earned a spot in the Top Ten People Searched listing.

Not impressed with the recap of more than 1.2 trillion searches?  Check out the video: