Usually, people want to shout they're getting married from the rooftops. Not this woman.

Leona Metcalf, of Lawrenceville, Ga., decided to trick out her truck with the words "Just Divorced" sprawled across it after the divorce became official earlier this month.

Metcalf's hubby left her five years ago, so the divorce was a long time coming.

Metcalf, who describes herself as an "independent woman," says her truck has been a big hit, with plenty of people honking her, giving a thumbs up sign or taking pictures with their phones.

"It's awesome. I feel like everyone is celebrating with me," Metcalf says.

The single life seems to be agreeing with her right now. When she gets back on the horse -- or is that back in the truck? -- we wonder how many people she'll inform. And just how she'll do it.

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