Three people are lucky to be alive after running into a horse that got loose.

The accident on Saturday, May 30, occured on State Route 26 in the Town of Ava around 10:30pm.

BillieJoe Caporilli, of Rome, was driving south on State Route 26 when a horse entered the roadway from the shoulder of the road. Caporilli was unable to avoid a collision with the horse.

Photo Credit - Chuck Cushman

Derek Still, of Ava, was injured and was taken Rome Memorial Hospital after suffering a concussion and a fractured jaw. "I don't remember much," says Still. "I was knocked out, then remember getting into the ambulance, with a mouth full of glass."

Still is now recovering at home. "I've been better. I can't see straight. I have double vision and my jaw hurts really bad, but other than that, I'm glad to be here."

Photo Credit - Derek Still

Katie Still, of Ava, was in the backseat and is thankful the accident wasn't much worse. "Thank god for my friend's quick reaction and her amazing ability to think fast and pull over after the horse hit our vehicle."

The horse died on impact and was brought back to the farm where it originally came from.

No tickets have been issued at this time.

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