We're far enough into spring that you might be planning Memorial Day weekend plans and family vacations for when the kids are out of school.

But we're also far enough into spring that your trees might be showing signs of distress. Our friends at Heritage Logging, which provides residential tree service and free consultations, shared some warning signs you don't want to ignore:

  1. Your tree is not developing leaves at the same time and rate as other trees of the same species
  2. Look carefully at the tree's stem for loss of bark, black "stains," holes or deep seams
  3. Loss of limbs that are at least two inches thick
  4. Woodpecker holes
  5. Mushrooms and fungus growing in or around the tree
Richard M. Barrett, Accent Magazine

Gerry Rockwell and his team at Heritage Logging also are happy to assess ash trees for emerald ash borer infestation, as most homeowners won't recognize the early signs. And when those spring and summer storms hit, they can remove damaged trees and limbs, including in emergencies when a limb crashed into a home or another structure.

Working with Heritage Logging is easy: During the free consultation, Gerry will review the tree and the issue and consider the best way to remove the tree, if necessary. He'll consider factors including whether it's hanging over a structure, how close it is to utilities and what equipment is best to use. The biggest priorities are safety to people and property.

Richard M. Barrett, Accent Magazine

On the day of the scheduled work, his crew will remove any lawn ornaments and protect firepits, remove the tree or limbs, chip the wood, rake the lawn, and grind the stump, if requested. If the wood is able to be sold for timber, he'll also discuss that with the property owner.

Ready to get started? Call Heritage Logging at 315-796-2941 or fill out the contact form here. Be sure to ask about a 5 percent discount!