Election season is here and races are heating up with the road to the White House and here locally. Running for any public office can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort, sleepless nights, and a lot of money. Of course there are also certain things candidates aren't required to do, but if they want to have any chance at winning, they should consider.

These are 6 of the stereotypical things politicians should do to increase their chances.

1. Find a Baby and Hold It

John Moore/Getty Images

When running for any political office, you want to make sure that you show your sensitive side. There is no better way to do that then by picking up a baby and holding it. The ideal baby is a stranger's baby and one that is cute.

2. Say Offensive Things

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Apparently the new trend in politics is being totally politically incorrect. Donald Trump has been on the warpath all throughout this campaign insulting everyone from Latinos, women, his fellow GOP candidates, and pretty much everyone else. The weird thing is, his numbers continue to rise.

3. Put On An Apron and Cook Something

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Pictured above is 2016 Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. As you can see he is wearing his nice apron over a nice shirt and dress pants. What better way to win the hearts of potential voters than to cook them up a bunch of pork made with love. A nice protein meal is always served best with a side of promises for big change.

4. Yell a Lot and Get Crowds Riled Up

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Nobody understands the power of a megaphone better than a politician. Even if there is a small group gathered around them, they always yell a lot louder than necessary. This gets a crowd of supporters fired up and definitely helps their confidence in the candidate. It's usually the loudest who have the most success.

5. Have a Relative Who Has Had a Successful (or Not So Successful) Political Career

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Between the Clintons and the Bush family, there is no shortage of candidates. We had a father son combination in The White House, and now another brother from that same family running for the top seat. We also have a husband wife duo that is determined to be the first of their kind. Even if these two prospective candidates don't get elected, they are always in the conversation. Why not just make it easy and go back to the days of royal dynasties?

6. Put On a Hard Hat and Go To a Construction Site

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Nothing says "I want your vote," than a candidate rolling up his expensive shirt sleeves, throwing on a hard hat, and appearing relatable to the blue collar worker. The same goes for a politician wearing overalls on a farm, or something to that effect. It doesn't have to be a hard hat, but hard hats are pretty sweet.

So, if you are hoping to win your local city council seat or be the next President of The United States, it's important for you to follow these 6 simple steps!