Boy, isn't this a list you hope the city you live in isn't on, huh?

Sometimes, things just don't work out. It can be as simple as that. Maybe infidelity plays a key, but perhaps you've just drifted apart. Whatever the reason, some cities in New York State seem to have a little bit of a track record it seems for divorce. But how can that be? Well, simple, divorce rates are higher there.

Does New York In General Have A High Divorce Rate?

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The answer is no. Out of the 50 states in the United States, New York comes in with the 7th lowest divorce rate in the country according to US News. Pretty impressive given the population and variety of social issues that are inherent to the Empire State. One thing that doesn't change, is the fact that divorce still happens.

How Many People In NY Are Divorced?

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The total population that lives inside New York State is 19,450,000 as of 2019. Of the near 20 million people, roughly 782,000 of them are in fact divorced. That means about 4.5 percent of people in the Empire State have not only married, but become divorced through time too. Now sure that number may not seem all that high, but in comparison. The state with the highest divorce rate in the country has about 10%, while far off at 4.5%, it isn't all that far off.

What State Has The Highest Divorce Rate?


But back to New York, which cities have the highest divorce rate? Keep scrolling to find out.

The 9 Cities In NY You're Most Likely To Get Divorced In

These Are The 7 Legal Grounds For Divorce In New York State

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