He's not from the New Mexico Desert and he's not a chemistry teacher, but a Billings, Montana man named Walter White was sentenced to 12 years in prison on December 18 for selling more than 32 pounds of meth.

The Daily Beast is reporting that the 54 year old White -the real one- was dealing meth out of his live-in auto body shop outside of a Montana town where the oil business is bringing a modern day gold rush.

Of course with any population boom, the crime rate is destined to rise.

White says he was dealing the drug in order to support his own habit. When he was arrested in March of this year, he was found with four ounces of meth, more than $15,000 in cash and two guns, one of which he says he slept with under his pillow for safety from other drug traffickers.

In an even more bizarre twist to the story, Billings Police say they were tipped off in January after White and his son Brandon got into a shootout with each other over an alleged drug debt. White was actually shot in the back during the gun fight, but was not seriously injured.

Court documents say White admitted to selling up to two pounds of meth a week since October of 2012.

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