Dear CNY Motorists,

I wish to begin this letter saying I understand that traffic in other parts of the country is a lot worse than it is in our small towns and cities, however that does not excuse the behavior I am about to complain about. Having said that, if you're a slow driver I want you to know all the other not-so-slow drivers are taking notice.

I am not talking to those of you who choose to do the speed limit in the right lane of a two-lane highway. I am not even talking about the person doing the ACTUAL speed limit through a neighborhood street or village, although I personally get irrationally irritated about it. No, I am talking to a more specific kind of slow driver. One that always seems to end up in your path when you're in a hurry to get somewhere.

One of the prime examples of the offenses I speak of occur on a particular strip of road connecting Whitesboro to Marcy. Many know it as Mohawk Street, but I refer to it as the "Speed Limit Unknown Zone." There are two speed limit signs posted on Mohawk Street. One sign is at the entrance to Mohawk on the Main Street side in Whitesboro and the Cavanaugh Road side in Marcy. THAT'S IT!

First order of business, that road is 55 MPH, please abide. I don't care if you go 53 or 54, but PLEASE don't go 35 to 40. I know there is a little bend down the way, but you'll make it just fine I have faith in you.

I want to remind you I am not encouraging any law breaking or recklessness behind the wheel, I am simply asking you to help me be more patient on the road. Take for instance the New York State Thruway. Ever get caught behind two tractor trailers battling for first place? For most of the way, the Thruway is 2 lanes and 65 MPH. You want to keep it to the speed limit and cruise that's what the right lane is for. The left lane is called the passing lane for a reason. As I typed those words I wondered to myself why I even had to type them, but it's clear to me based on the abundance of driving I do several people have to be reminded of the concept. I am sorry Senator Joe Griffo for laughing at your suggestion of making a law against traveling too long in the left lane. Slow drivers shouldn't.

I will leave you with this simple request, please do the speed limit. I understand some people get nervous driving and that's okay, but you will only feel more nervous when you're doing 10 below the speed limit and you have 5-10 cars lining up behind you. I am a relatively patient person when it comes to most things, but really, not keeping up the pace is something that is just not tolerable.

Put yourself in my situation...haven't you ever been stuck behind you before?


A concerned citizen

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