Senators Joseph Griffo and James Seward along with Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi are announcing special legislation that will assist Mohawk Valley property owners recovering from this summer's flooding.
The legislation is called the "Mohawk Valley and Niagara County Assessment Relief Act" and it would give counties affected by the flooding the option to reassess property values of homeowners who suffered major damage as a result of the flooding.

The proposed legislation includes a graduated scale of property tax reduction levels based on the amount of damage sustained, which means business and homeowners could have a chance to pay property taxes at a reduced rate.

The bill would also protect school districts from losing state aid as a result of any reduced assessments.

"Mohawk Valley residents should not have to pay a full tax assessment based on the pre-flood value of their property if it was severely damaged or destroyed," said Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi. "This measure would provide families with much-needed tax relief to help them get back on track as they work to repair their homes and rebuild their lives."