Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is announcing a new program aimed at helping Oneida county bounce back from the summer flooding. Picente is asking the board of legislators to commit $500,000 to address public works projects that were damaged by flood waters in July.

"Flooding is a natural disaster. It's no one's fault," Picente said. "However, we must take lessons from this tragedy and build Oneida County back better than it was before. We have an opportunity to do just that. Together the county and municipalities can put real dollars towards projects that will prevent flood damage."

The money is not for repairs to any public infrastructure, instead it will be used to fund projects that will lead to improvements to waterways to prevent or mitigate future flooding damage.

The program is in response to a request for assistance by County Legislators James D'Oonfrio of New Hartford and Ed Welsh and Emil Papparella of Utica.