Exactly one year to the day after one of the most horrific mass shootings ever in America, two survivors of that awful tragedy got married. Eugene Han, 21, and Kirstin Davis, 22, tied the knot in that same town this past Saturday, in the presence of friends and family.

On July 20, 2013, the gunman James Holmes walked into the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during the midnight showing of 'The Dark Knight Rises.' He then shot and killed 12 people, and injured 58 more. Han was hit in the hip and knee, when he jumped in between Holmes and his then-girlfriend, Davis.

It was Han's idea to turn that date, July 20, and the awful memories associated with it, into something completely different, something they'd cherish. Davis was not initially sold on the idea. "I was kind of uncomfortable about the idea because I didn't think it was okay to take a bad day and turn it into a good day, so I had to really think about it," she said.

Davis soon came around to the idea, though: "We can make good memories and start a new chapter of our lives rather than allowing this memory from a year ago to stick with us every single year."


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