Parts of Marcy, Trenton, and Deerfield are under a Boil Water Advisory this morning following a water main break on Sunday.

The break occurred on Church Road in Marcy on Sunday, June 23, 2013, and crews have been busy making repairs.

The advisory remains in effect for at least 48 hours or until testing shows that the water is not contaminated.

Water should be boiled for at least two minutes before using it for drinking or cooking.  S statement from the Mohawk Valley Water Authority also includes warnings to residents to not use water that is discolored, even after boiling.

The areas affected are:


  • Coombs Road (from Glass Factory east to 10342 Coombs Road)
  • Glass Factory Road (from the Marcy Town Line north to Coombs Road)
  • Mallory Road (Coombs Road south to 6926 Mallory Road)
  • Luke Road, Seavy Road, Clearview Heights, HIllside Terrace, Morgan Road, Pekov Drive, Ray Road, Willow Lane, Eaton Road, Toby Road, Buckland Drive, Ridge Crest Road, Turnpike Road, Alda Road, Lantern Lane, Doyle Road, Church Road,
  • Hayes Road (from Cavanaugh Road to 9279 Hayes Road)
  • Glass Factory Road (from Trenton Town Line south the Route 12)
  • Morris Road (from Morgan Road south to 6018 Morris Road)
  • Cavanaugh Road (from Morgan Road south to 6269 Cavanaugh Road)
  • Mallory Road (from Trenton Road north to 6467 Mallory Road)
  • Trenton Road (from Route 12 north to Ridgecrest Road)
  • Stage Road (from Trenton Road north to Ridgecrest Road)
  • Edic Road (from Glass Factory Road to 5957 Edic Road)
  • Doyle Road
For more information residents can visit: or call the Mohawk Valley Water Authority at: (315) 792.0309.