Two South Glens Falls children are hospitalized after an inflatable bounce house they were playing in became airborne from a strong gust of wind.

The Glens Falls Post Star is reporting that the wind carried the bounce house as high as 15 feet off the ground before the 5 and 6 year old boys fell out of it.

Before structure left the ground completely, a ten year old girl also fell out and suffered minor scrapes.

A witness described the accident as "a scene from a horror movie."

As the bounce house spun like a tornado while taking flight one of the boys was thrown about 30 or 40 feet northwest before landing on the asphalt, and the other was tossed about 20 feet southeast and landed on the back of a parked car.

Other witnesses say the bounce house reached heights of close to 50 feet after the boys fell from it, before coming back to earth at a nearby school.

Glens Falls Police say the condition of the boys was not known early Tuesday, but the one who landed on the asphalt was conscious and talking at the scene.

The names of the boys have not been released.



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