Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi hosted new State Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa for tour of Utica on Wednesday.

Brindisi and Rosa visited King Elementary School in Utica and the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees.

During a meeting with educators, Rosa said it's unfair to expect English Language Learners to have the same proficiency as other students a year after moving to the country.

King Elementary has been under State Education Department review.

“I am pleased that Chancellor Rosa shares many of the same concerns that I have.  She understands the challenges resulting from having overcrowded classrooms, or a large number of special needs students, and that these issues cannot be solved solely by the school districts.  The educators and school district officials who met with her today feel they have an ally in the Education Department who will help fight for more stability in our education system for students and teachers,” Brindisi said.

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