Congressman Anthony Brindisi kicked-off National Consumer Protection Week today by outlining his plans to help end unwanted and deceptive robocalls.

Brindisi has sent a letter to the FCC, expressing his support for recently proposed rules to crack down on foreign spam calls and text messages.

“This unbelievable volume of calls and various attempts to scam consumers can have an especially devastating effect on vulnerable populations, especially seniors. At best these calls are a nuisance; at worst, a costly financial fraud,” wrote Brindisi.

He's also co-sponsorsing the Spam Calls Task Force Act to create an interagency task force to end the growing problem of spam calls.

“It’s time to throw the book at serial robocallers. New Yorkers are inundated around the clock with intrusive, unwanted robocalls,” said Brindisi. “People should be able to answer their phones without worrying that they could fall victim to the latest scam. We need to work across party lines and across agencies to find a solution to this growing problem."

National Consumer Protection Week brings federal, state, and local partners together to help shed light on scams, identity theft and other unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices.

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