Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is sponsoring legislation to repeal most of the changes made to the STAR Program last year.

Brindisi says the switch from a property tax exemption program to one where a rebate check is mailed to qualifying homeowners has been disastrous.

He says thousands of taxpayers are still waiting to find out if they qualify for a rebate check under the program.  Brindisi also says the exemption program required less oversight than having to print and mail a large number of checks and while in the past he would occasionally hear from a constituent about a problem getting the exemption, the program generally was well run

“The whole purpose of the new STAR rebate program was to help seniors and people on a limited income to pay their taxes on time.  Now, it is tax time, and many homeowners are not even sure if they will receive a rebate check before their taxes are due.  This botched rebate program simply does not work, and it is time to repeal the unworkable changes to STAR, and return to an exemption program,” Brindisi said.

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