The CatHaven Sanctuary in California is investigating whether proper procedures were followed after a female intern was mauled to death by a five-year old African lion.

The 350-pound lion, named Cous Cous, had been raised by hand since he was eight weeks old.  No one is saying why Dianna Hanson, an intern at the facility in her twenties, was in the cage with Cous Cous, but she had identified the lion as one of her favorites at the sanctuary.

A sheriff's deputy shot and killed the lion in order to get to Hanson, but it was too late.

The facility, closed until further notice, is home to between forty and fifty cats.  The situation has caused an outpouring of emotion for all involved.  On Project Survival's Cat Haven Facebook page supporters have left words of support for both Hanson and Cous Cous.