It may sound like a new Sprint commercial but it's a scam that's hit New York. Someone is calling asking Can you hear me?' If you get this call, hang up and contact the Better Business Bureau.

The scammer wants to record you saying 'yes' to use your voice to sign up for products or services. When you refuse payment the scammer produces your recorded "yes" response to confirm your purchase agreement.

The scam tracker on the Better Business Bureau website shows calls have come into New York, including Syracuse, Rochester, Albany and Buffalo areas. The calls may even be coming from a local number.

"I missed a call (local number 315-657-1207) on Jan 27th at 7:15 PM. I returned the call, (thought it might be important) asked who it was, she said, "Can you hear me now", I said "yes" she said she must have the wrong number."

USA Today has tips on avoiding getting scammed if you get this call.

*Hang up on any unknown calls
*Report the number to the BBB scam tracker.
*Avoid saying yes, sure or ok.
*Hang up if asked to push any buttons to join the Do Not Call Registry.
*Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry with the Federal Trade Commission.


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