Scammers gotta scam. That's why there's three different phone scams right now that are circulating through the Mohawk Valley, claiming victims daily, that you should know about.

According to Ilion Police, scammers posing as the Social Security Administration, scammers posing as tech support for your computer or smartphone, and scammers posing as relatives who need money to get out of jail. These three scams have all claimed several victims in our area and it's better to be aware of them before you fall for them.

“These are just to name a few,” officials said to the Rome Sentinel. “Elderly, retired and those living alone seem to be their targeted victims.”

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The Better Business Bureau offers tips to avoid getting scammed.

How to Avoid “Compromised Account” Scam

  • Be extra cautious with unsolicited calls, emails, and texts. Don’t be quick to believe claims from unsolicited communications.
  • Understand how businesses handle communications. If you know how disputes and suspicious activity is handled, it will be easier to spot a scam.
  • Look into the claims. Don’t take action without verifying the claim first. Log into your account or call the company to confirm there really is a case of suspicious activity associated with your account.
  • Don’t panic and don’t feel intimidated. Scammers want you to panic. They may use intimidation to pressure you into giving up your personal information or making payments.
  • Never give your personal information to strangers. If you aren’t speaking or corresponding with someone you know and trust, don’t give them sensitive information.

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