Whether it's safety and insurance issues or mechanical maladies, automotive recalls or legislative matters, car care is something everyone needs and service can very wildly. This week Ed Welsh is in studio to discuss car repairs and the real cost of car ownership.

Ed Welsh of AAA Northeast is in studio to talk about a new AAA survey that shows over 64 million Americans could not pay cash for the average repair bill. Do people underestimate the real cost of car ownership? Ed talks about the cost of an average repair. You may be surprised to learn how much it is! With repair bills being inevitable Ed talks about a strategy to prepare for an unexpected repair.

Lastly, Ed gives some sound advice to minimize unexpected repairs and how to insure you get a deal on repairs when needed.


Ed Welsh hosts the weekend segment, AutoTalk, on WIBX that covers a wide array of automotive topics exploring each from their simplest aspects to the most complex problems every Saturday from 8AM-9AM.


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