Whether it's safety and insurance issues or mechanical maladies, automotive recalls or legislative matters, car care is something everyone needs and service can very wildly. This week Ed Welsh is in studio to discusses some cold hard facts about auto air conditioning.

Ed Welsh of AAA Northeast is in studio to talk about the fastest way to cool off your car on a hot summer day and some tips about auto air conditioning. Although it seems like yesterday that we were shoveling snow, summer is finally here! That means that your car’s A/C will be working overtime.

This week Ed gives us some useful information that can help us stay cool in our car as things heat up outside. Ed talks about the best way to get your car cool after it sits in the hot sun all day. He also talks about things you may be doing to cool your car quicker that do not work!

Tune in to keep your cool (in your car!)

Ed Welsh hosts the weekend segment, AutoTalk, on WIBX that covers a wide array of automotive topics exploring each from their simplest aspects to the most complex problems every Saturday from 9AM-10AM.


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