Whether it's safety and insurance issues or mechanical maladies, automotive recalls or legislative matters, car care is something everyone needs and service can very wildly. This week Ed Welsh is in studio to discusses how to identify if your car has a bad wheel alignment.

Ed Welsh of AAA Northeast is in studio to talk about the identifying a bad wheel alignment. Have you ever had your car pull to the left or to the right? Have you noticed that you have to turn your wheel to the 10 or 2 o’clock position to make your car go straight down the road? Did you ever watch a car go down the street crooked like its crab walking?

This week Ed talks about all things pertaining to wheel alignment. Tune in and get yourself a quick tutorial about proper wheel alignment, learn about a common problem that affects wheel alignment and how you can easily fix it yourself.

Ed Welsh hosts the weekend segment, AutoTalk, on WIBX that covers a wide array of automotive topics exploring each from their simplest aspects to the most complex problems every Saturday from 9AM-10AM.

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