Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Conservative and Independence Party candidate for Utica Mayor, Bob Cardillo, unveiled his vision for 177 Genessee Street--Also known as, the Harza Building. Cardillo says his plan--when implemented within the first 100 days upon taking office--will create a new business friendly environment to advance the areas economic activities. He said, "I will immediately create an independent commission to assist me in filling the most important job of, Economic Development Commissioner. The commission will be composed of 12 members from our community, from business, education and labor."

Cardillo says once in place, he will work with commission members and meet with every business owner in the city, to find out how city officials can best serve them. He says he will then move to create an assistance program using Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG funds, to establish an "incubator for developing technology based start-up companies" that would be housed in the Harza Building. "Right here in downtown Utica...we will use the Harza building to house these start-up companies with young entrepreneurs who have vision for new technology and new directions for start-up companies," he said.

Cardillo says he'll also reach out to the college community to help develop his plan." I will work with all of our colleges in the area and provide space to them to assist these potential start-up companies." Cardillo goes onto to say, "Our most important asset is education and we can create jobs if we work together. There may be another Steve Jobs, right here in Utica." He added that his goal is to work with state officials and "work on a deal" to pay down the loan on the building, while using it to house and develop technology based start-up companies.

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