Wampsville, NY (WIBX) - The 2010 US Census Bureau map outlines a 307,000 acre territory as the Oneida Indian Nation Reservation.

Madison County officials are reacting with outrage becuase they say the 2000 census map listed the Reservation as a 32-acre plot of land. They call it an 'extraordinary' change without notice or opportunity to be heard.

(The map on the left is the 2010 census map outling the Oneida Nation Reservation. Click to see the OIN Reservation 2000 Census)

The over 300,00 acre area covers the northerly half of Madison County, the westerly third of Oneida County and stretching northward deep into Lewis County, the release read.

“This is another example of the Oneida Nation’s use of its casino profits and Washington influence to achieve its goal of recreating the historic reservation and its political sovereignty over vast amounts of Central New York—a reservation that was disestablished and a status that hasn’t existed for over 150 years as a result of their federal treaty of Buffalo Creek in 1838. This demonstrates without question why Madison County, faced with the option of handing over the County or resisting its complete diminishment, has had no choice but to continue to fight both in the courts and in the halls of Congress, " said Madison County Chairman John Becker.

Mark Emery, director of media relations, for the Oneida Nation has released a statement on the map.

“This is not a new issue or a recent change. The map, which is prepared by the United States, properly reflects the United States’ longstanding position on the Oneida Nation reservation. Any previous maps that suggested a different reservation were inaccurate legally, factually and historically, and corrections are appropriate. Madison County officials need to stop spending public money fighting old battles which they repeatedly have lost, and instead redirect their energies on the good that can result if they work together with the Oneida Nation and move forward with a mutually respectful relationship," Emery's statement read.

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