SUNY IT, Utica College and MVCC are part of a new design competition to revitalize the City of Utica's website.

Councilman Joe Marino and IT Project Manager Frank Mutolo are behind the contest, saying the site hasn't been updated in more than 12 years, which has led to problems with posting information and other matters.

"It's hard to navigate, it's hard for the city employees to use to update and upload government files, PDF files, things like our minutes," Marino said. "When people want to go look for them, they can't really see them."

Marino noted that by offering colleges the chance to have input, everyone wins.

"So, these kids get college credit, they get a little resume booster, and they get real world experience actually doing a website that's going to be used," Marino said. "And the city gets a free website."

Voting for the sites will end May 9th. The layouts can be found in the lobby of City Hall and will soon be posted on the city's current site, along with YouTube videos of the students' presentations.

To vote, click here.

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