After weeks of recounts, court cases and disputes the Claudia Tenney campaign is claiming a new lead in the race for New York's 22nd Congressional Race.

The race between Tenney and incumbent Democrat Congressman Anthony Brindisi has been contentious from the start and at this point has garnered National attention as they only Congressional race in the country still not officially decided and certified.

In a release sent to the media Tuesday the Tenney Campaign states,

With all uncontested ballots recanvassed, GOP Candidate Claudia Tenney maintains a 27-vote lead. With Oneida County completing its review of over 1700 affidavit (provisional) ballots, there are no uncontested or undisputed ballots left and Tenney remains ahead of Anthony Brindisi.

On Election night, Tenney had an over 20,000 vote lead over Brindisi. After counting absentee and mail-in ballots that lead was cut drastically. The Tenney Campaign says Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte will review all votes disputed by both the Tenney and Brindisi campaigns on January 4th to see which ballots will be excluded or included.

Tenney said in her release,

Throughout this long process, we have fought to ensure that every legal vote is counted. Now that every undisputed ballot has been counted twice, we are still in the lead. This process has exposed a very flawed electoral system that needs to be fixed. We remain confident that once the contested ballots are reviewed by the court and the facts accurately applied according to the law, I will be declared the winner, certified, seated, and head to Congress to serve all the people of New York’s 22nd District. I look forward to resuming my compassionate advocacy on behalf of our region.

Naturally, the Brindisi Campaign disputes the claim and supplied a statement to WIBX in response to the latest release from the Tenney Campaign. 'Brindisi for Congress' Spokesperson Luke Jackson says,

As this process continues to play out, the Brindisi campaign believes NY-22 voters deserve to have their voices heard. Claudia Tenney has been called out for undermining the integrity of this election with outright lies and misleading claims. There are hundreds of ballots still to be determined and the count continues to change. We are hopeful that after this process is completed, and the voters have their voices heard, Anthony will be the winner.

The 117th U.S. Congress will convene on January 3rd and when that happens we will not have a representative for the 22nd district of New York. Hopefully the results will be determined after Judge DelConte's final review.

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