What are the odds you might be in the market for some miscellaneous Tupperware lids? No container mind you, just the lids. If you're the 1 in 1,000,000 that this might apply to, then guess what-- it's your lucky day!

A listing recently popped up on the Facebook group Utica and 315 area garage sale for "various lids." The listing says they are "still functional," which is... y'know, a plus. The picture shows not just Tupperware lids, but also lids to store-bought products such as rice pudding. In the event you've been holding onto an uncovered 22oz vat of rice pudding, and you're scratching your head on what to do, help is on the way!

You might be wondering: what exactly *is* the going rate for a pile of miscellaneous plastic lids? I know this question runs through my mind at least a few times daily. Well, you might be shocked at what this seller in Liverpool is asking.


The seller is asking $75 for the pile of random lids. And if you think you can get them for less, be careful: the listing says "no tire kickers or low ballers." I mean, $75, my god.. is NOTHING safe from inflation?! I'd hate to ask the price on a pile of Burger King wrappers or empty Monster Energy cans. Might be too rich for my blood!

In an update to the original listing, the seller says he will be "opening up bids" on Saturday, May 14th "due to an overwhelming response." Put that date in your calendar NOW!

We're all familiar with the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure," but sometimes one man's trash is just another man's trash.

Check out the original listing here.

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