Members of the community near New London, Missouri are looking for a Catholic priest who appeared at the scene of an accident on Sunday, August 4, 2013.

Nineteen year-old Katie Lentz, a Tulane University student, was driving her family's Mercedes when her car and another crashed on the highway. The car was completely mangled, and she was stuck inside, rescuers unable to free her immediately.

As her vital signs were falling, she asked those around her to pray with her.  A priest, dressed in black Catholic garb and carrying anointing oil, appeared beside her and said, "I will."

Then, according to an account from at least one firefighter on the scene, a voice told him and one other rescuer that they would be able to free her from the wreckage.  They tried again and did.  Lenz was successfully extricated and taken to Blessing Hospital in Illinois.

Rescuers went to thank the priest but he was gone.  Not only was he gone but those on the scene who have reviewed the almost seventy photographs taken that day say that he is not in any of the photographs.

He was not recognized as being from the area, and some are now saying that they think he was an angel.

Video from ABC/CBS television station KHQA is below.  Judge for yourself:

The priest was described by witnesses as being in his late fifties with gray hair and medium build, standing about six feet tall.

Katie is recovering from multiple injuries including:broken bones in both left and right legs, a broken wrist, nine broken ribs (eight are on the same side), a lacerated liver, ruptured spleen, and bruised lung.  Her mother, Carla Churchill Lentz, is asking the public to pray for her and, at Katie's request, "Pray Out Loud."



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