Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Chairman of the Oneida County Republican Party is calling for the resignation of County Board of Elections Commissioner, Pamela N. Mandryck. In a statement made public today, Chairman George Mitchell requested that Mandryck step down for the best interests of the the party. Mitchell asserts that a change in leadership is the best way to address concerns raised with the Oneida County Board of Elections. The Chairman also points to a lack of confidence in the Commissioner's ability to continue to effectively run her post before her term is up at the end of 2012. Mandryck has held the position since 2009.

The official letter from Mitchell requesting Mandryck resign:

"I am asking Commissioner Mandryck to step aside for the best interests of the Republican Party, a party she has served as both a legislator and commissioner with great dedication. Despite the many years in which she has worked on behalf of the party and its precepts, we now find ourselves in a situation where issues within the board are causing concerns that can best be addressed through a change in leadership. It is with both my deep respect for her work in the past and my commitment to the best interests of the Oneida County Republican Party as we look to the future that I must take this step. As we gear up for a very important election cycle, it is essential that all candidates and Republican Party Committee members have the utmost confidence in Oneida County's Republican Election Commissioner. Regrettably, that is not the case today, and I call upon Commissioner Mandryck to take this very difficult but necessary step for the greater good of our party and our community."

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