Oneida County continues to report a high number of new coronavirus cases.

The county is reporting 247 new positive COVID-19 cases over the last three days.

There were 108 cases on Friday, 83 on Saturday and 56 on Sunday.

There were five new COVID-related deaths.

There are 984 active positive cases in the county, whihch has a positivity rate of 4.8 percent.

51 Oneida County residents are in the hospital – 25 at Mohawk Valley Health System, 15 at Rome Health and 11 outside of the county.

31 are unvacciinated and 20 are unvaccinated.

12 of total hospitalized are in ICU.

  • 10 unvaccinated/2 vaccinated
  •  6 of total hospitalized are on ventilators.
  •  5 unvaccinated/1 vaccinated
  •  9 of total hospitalized are from long-term care facilities.
  •  2 unvaccinated/7 vaccinated

Here are the rest of the Oneida County COVID-19 numbers for 10-18-21:

Hospitalization vaccination status by age:

  • 12-19 years-old: 1 unvaccinated/0 vaccinated
  • 20-29 years-old: 1 unvaccinated/0 vaccinated
  • 30-39 years-old: 2 unvaccinated/1 vaccinated
  • 40-49 years-old: 5 unvaccinated/0 vaccinated
  • 50-59 years-old: 4 unvaccinated/3 vaccinated
  • 60-69 years-old: 12 unvaccinated/3 vaccinated
  • 70-79 years-old: 4 unvaccinated/8 vaccinated
  • 80-89 years-old: 2 unvaccinated/3 vaccinated
  • 90-99 years-old: 0 unvaccinated/2 vaccinated

You can find the updated Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard here.

Governor Kathy Hochul is releasing New York State's latest COVID numbers.

Hohcul says the state's 7-day average positivity rate is 2.46 percent.

75 percent of New York adults have completed their vaccine series, while 83 percent have received at least on vaccine dose.

"Many New Yorkers have been vaccinated for COVID-19 and are returning to normal life, but we can't get complacent," Governor Hochul said. "We have to get more New Yorkers vaccinated, end the pandemic and revitalize our economy. Lives still hang in the balance, and I'm urging everyone who hasn't gotten a shot yet to consider their friends, families and loved ones and use the vaccine to help end this pandemic for all of us."

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