While new positive COVID-19 cases are down in Herkimer and Oneida County, active positive cases continue to remain high. Meanwhile, one person from Oneida County and two Herkimer County residents died from the virus over the last 24-hours, according to health department officials.

In Oneida County, there were 115 new positive cases reported and a total of 7,207 active positive cases. 154 county residents are hospitalized.

In Herkimer County, there are 31 new positive cases and a total of 928 active positive cases currently. There are 39 Herkimer County restaurants hospitalized because of the virus.

Oneida County is still reporting that they are out of vaccines at their county-run PODs, disallowing them to add any new appointments. New York State run vaccination sites in the area are also out of vaccinations so new appointments are not currently be made. The state reported on Sunday that there are a limited number of vaccine appointments available in Plattsburgh and Potsdam, as of Sunday afternoon.

Here are the Oneida County COVID-19 vaccination numbers as of midnight on Jan. 23.

  • Oneida County-Operated PODs* (*all numbers are first doses)
  • MVCC-Utica: 0 new
  • Griffiss-Rome: 0 new
  • Total Vaccinated: 4,832
  • Estimated total doses allocated to Oneida County Government to date: 4,800
  • Remaining doses: 0
  • Percent used: 100%
  • Non-Oneida County-Operated PODs
  • New York State
  • SUNY Poly
  • Total vaccinated: Unknown
  • MVHS
  • First doses: 6,546
  • Second doses: 1,612
  • Total vaccinated: 8,185 total
  • Rome Memorial Hospital:
  • First doses: 2,771
  • Second doses: 244
  • Total vaccinated: 3,015
  • Other (clinics, urgent cares, pharmacies, etc.): Unknown

Here are the Oneida County COVID-19 case numbers as of midnight on Jan. 23.

  • 115 new positive cases, 17,439* total. *(Upon further investigation, 1 positive case was removed from the previous total.) 26 are nursing home residents.
  • 7,207 active positive cases.
  • 1 new COVID-19-related death, 317 total.
  • 142 patients are hospitalized in Oneida County.   118 at MVHS.   24 at Rome Memorial.
  • 23 are nursing home residents.
  • 12 patients are hospitalized out of county.
  • 7,415 positive cases have been resolved.
  • 434,072 total negative results.
  • 451,511 total tests.
  • 7,207 in mandatory isolation.
  • 1,398 mandatory quarantine.
Numbers of Covid-19 cases in Herkimer County as of 01/24/2021:
Prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the latest two citizens who have passed away from COVID19. Please keep them in your thoughts.
Total New Positive Cases Today:
Total Lab Confirmed Positive Covid -19 test results: (From 3/13/20)
Total Active Positive Covid -19 Patients:
Total Hospitalized:
Total number recovered:
Covid Deaths:
Negative Covid-19 test results:
Mandatory Quarantine (with public health orders):
Released from Mandatory Quarantine:
Precautionary Quarantine:​
Released from Precautionary Quarantine today:​

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