Since June of this year, a cow has been eluding capture by police and is on the loose somewhere in The Greater Utica area. It was first spotted in the area of the Sangertown Square Mall on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. Since then, the cow has been seen only a handful of times and has been roaming free. Now the story is going national!

Our sister station, WIBX investigated the missing cow on the day it was found to be on the loose.

In the report filed by WIBX back on June 17th, 2015 it states,

New Hartford Police say the brown and white beef cow is from the Vernon area.

According to a written release from the NHPD, “Immediate assistance is needed from either the owner of the cow or from anyone with experience in handling this type of animal and the equipment to corral it.”

Because the cow has been missing for so long, they story has become worthy of an Associated Press article. This story is being syndicated on news sites all across the country, including In the story it talks about the steps that the New Hartford Police Dept. are taking to finally find this cow.

Officers in New Hartford have put feed in a headlock feeder and placed the device along a road outside Utica where the rogue cow has been spotted. Headlock feeders have locking mechanisms that trap a cow's head while it's feeding.

A local farmer is already willing to take the cow in if the owner, who has yet to be identified, does not claim it. It's safe to say if this cow doesn't want to be captured, it won't be. This is a beef cow which means it's not being used for it's milk. No wonder it escaped! Run free Bessie! Run free.


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