An unexpected shopper made its way into a grocery store in Upstate New York and Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick caught the whole spree on camera.

Late Tuesday night a deer walked through the automatic doors at the Price Chopper in Cooperstown. McGoldrick was working that night and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She tells WIBX, "I couldn't believe it when I pulled up to the grocery store and saw the deer standing at the door. He was staring in and he kept making the automatic door open close open close. He finally bolted in. I ran into the other entrance because I was afraid he might come back out."

After all, it was only a few days ago that a story was reported on where a rabid deer attacked a man in Troy, NY. When McGoldrick finally entered the store she expected the deer to be running rampant, however the deer was quite calm. According to McGoldrick, "he was quite happy to be in the produce section! There were staff there immediately, taking a few pictures but then ushering him out." Not only was there produce in the vicinity of the animal, but it seemed to be taking an interested in the adult beverages as well.

After a brief browsing the Price Chopper staff was finally able to get the deer out the door and on its way. You never know what you'll see in Upstate New York.

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