Olivia Little has been missing for over three weeks and her distraught family is hiring a private investigator to help find her.

The 18-year-old was last seen during the early morning hours on June 20, 2021. She left her River Street home in Cortland County, possibly with an unknown male, according to Homer Police. "She has never in her life been away from home this long let alone have not spoken to myself or her grandma," her mom Lisa Little said. "Something is seriously wrong."

Olivia is 5 foot 6 1/2 inches tall and weighs around 180-188. She was wearing black/gray zipper earrings, Nike slides that are white, blue and, green, black-framed glasses with white on the side when she went missing. "With each passing day the fear builds in us," said Little." We barely eat because we don’t know if she is eating. We can’t sleep because we are wondering does she have a bed, does she have a night light, does she have a blanket and pillow. We constantly pray that no one is hurting her. The list of things running through our heads goes on. We just need to find my sweet Olivia and bring her home safely."

Little's family is hoping to hire someone to help find Olivia. They have set up a campaign to raise money to help pay for it. "Please if anyone can help us with the private investigator cost to find and bring her home."

Little said her daughter does not know the man she is with. "This is not typical behavior for her at all. She finally turned her phone on and messaged me, saying they had been driving all day and she loved me. She messaged multiple friends on Snapchat saying she was fine, that she moved out, and to stop worrying and messaging her."

But Little isn't buying it. "Most all those friends contacted me and said they know it wasn’t Olivia messaging them."

Olivia left behind her emotional support dog. "They are never apart," said Little. "Again not like my daughter, she loves her dog beyond words."

Little is pleading to anyone with information to contact her on Facebook, call her at 607-662-3501 or contact the Homer Police Department by calling 607-749-2022. "Thank you to everyone who has donated, shared her pictures, prayed for Olivia, and for everyone who continues to be by our sides through all this."

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