As a child I always looked forward to Easter Sunday.  My parents always found interesting ideas to entertain me and my siblings.

The week leading up to Easter, my mom would hide plastic eggs full of candy around the house and a stuffed bunny for us to find. This always got us excited for the holiday. Saturday would go to the mall and get our pictures taken with the Easter bunny.

That night we would always put on some music that we all liked, and decorate eggs while my parents prepared for tomorrow’s dinner. Sunday morning we would have a big breakfast with our eggs we colored the night before, then head off to church. We would always take a big family photo there too.

Later that day, my parents would set up a big Easter egg hunt in our back yard. This part was always the most fun for us; looking for the big chocolate bunny that we each got, and seeing who found all their stuff first.

After we found everything, we would come inside to find our big Easter dinner on the table. When we were done stuffing ourselves we would all clean up and head to the living room to play a board game and watch a movie together.

[Contributed by: Katie Morrissey]