The Executive Director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium (SSFC) says if there's not a federal stimulus package, cuts in aid to schools will be drastic.

Dr. Rick Timbs of the SSFC told WIBX's Keeler Show that unless Washington comes up with a plan for disaster relief, there will be cuts to schools that will result in massive cuts in programs and the quality of education that kids receive in New York.

"Without the state aid, the districts will be struggling because they resist trying to go above the tax cap," said Timbs. That means in order to not put the financial pressure on property owners through increased taxes, it will most likely mean cuts in programs for many of the school districts around the state.

When asked about distance learning, Timbs said while many districts have no choice during the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing will replace in-person learning.

Timbs also said that schools are now spending much more money than they would in a normal year because of the expense incurred for PPE, face masks, computer technology and other expenses added because of the virus. He acknowledged that if the reimbursement doesn't come from the federal government, to will come in the way of eliminating services to the students or raising property taxes.

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