Here's the latest election results in Central New York.


Rome's Mayoral Race

After a neck-and-neck race, Jeffrey Lanigan (former detective of Rome’s Police Department) has unseated incumbent Mayor Jackie Izzo, per the Oneida County Board of Elections. The final tally put Lanigan at 3,642 votes for the Republican party and Izzo, for the Conservative Party, at 3,463.

Mayor Jackie Izzo and challenger, Jeff Lanigan.
Mayor Jackie Izzo and challenger, Jeff Lanigan.

Lanigan secured a 6 percent lead over Izzo after collecting an additional 238 votes with the Right for Rome.

Former Mayor Izzo has since conceded and said in a statement:

After close review with the Oneida County Board of Elections, I agree that there are not enough absentee ballots to change the results of election night. I have contacted Mr. Lanigan and congratulated him on his victory in the 2023 election.

Izzo served the city of Rome for two terms. This means for the first time in seven years, Rome will have a new mayor.

Utica's Mayoral Race

For the first time in two decades, the City of Utica has elected a Republican to serve as its new mayor.

Republican Michael Galime has declared victory over Democratic challenger, Celeste Friend.

Galime earned roughly 62 percent of the vote over Friend's 31 percent. Oneida County Board of Election officials say the final vote between the two was 5,586 to 2,784. Conservative Robert Cardillo secured 5 percent of the vote, or 476 votes.

226 people voted for write-in candidates, which made up the remaining 2.5 percent of the vote.

Galime declared victory at a celebration at Delmonico’s, where he promised to lead with "great intention" and "rebuild our organization from the inside out."

Cardillo said that he hopes the best for Utica as he conceded the race while write-in candidate, Courtney Muhammed, relayed in a statement, "I believe the outcome was the will of God."

Oneida County Executive and Legislative Races

State of the County, 2021. Photo by Bill Keeler
State of the County, 2021. Photo by Bill Keeler

Incumbent Anthony Picente, a Republican, was overwhelmingly elected for a new term with 83 percent of the vote, as compared to challenger Michael Hennessy's 16 percent. The final tally, with 100 percent of precincts reporting, was 29,995 people voting for Picente versus 6,028 choosing Hennessy.

Republicans also secured victories the contested races for Oneida County Legislature races in the 6th, 10th,12th and 18th districts.

As of print time, it appears the 23rd district voted Republican.

Steven Boucher defeated Democrat William Maxim, with 77 percent of the overall vote, for the 6th district.

In the 10th district, George Joseph secured 65 percent of the overall vote, versus Democrat Crystal Faria's 35 percent.

Brenda McMonagle was voted to represent the 12th district, with 81 percent of the overall vote, versus candidate James Herchek's 19 percent.

In the 18th district, voters chose Jeffrey Daniels over Democrat Joseph Furgol as their legislator.

As of print time, Republican Michael Gentile has earned 1,103 votes over Democratic challenger Anthony Leone Jr., who stands at 1,062 votes.

Conversely, Democrats were elected county legislators in the 15th,19th and 21st districts.

Caroline Reale bested Republican James Messa with a final tally of 1,603 to 1,037 votes.

Timothy Julian won his race over challenger James Zecca in the 19th district, with 70 percent of the overall vote.

In the 21st district, Lori Washburn earned 51 percent of the vote over Tony Myers.

In the Courts...

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New York State voters have elected Republican Jean Marie Westlake as New York State's 5th District Supreme Court Justice over challengers Peter Rayhill and Bob Cohen.

Westlake secured 44 percent of the vote while Rayhill and Cohen respectively stood at 40 percent and 16 percent.

In the race for NY's 6th District Supreme Court Justice, Republican Cheryl Insinga defeated Democrat Dierdre Hay with a final vote of 56,291 to 52,572.

With roughly 93 percent of precincts reporting in NY's 7th District Supreme Court Justice, Republican Alex Renzi is leading the race after securing 37 percent of the vote. Joe Waldorf (R) and Margot Garant (D) have respectively earned 32 percent and 31 percent of the vote.

In the City of Rome, Republican Stephanie Viscelli has claimed 3,957 of the overall votes for City Court Judge, versus John Gannon's tally of 3,277 votes.

Council Races in Rome and Utica

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The contested race for Rome Councilor for Ward 2 went to Republican John Mortise with nearly 60 percent of the vote over Democrat Shelly Gardner.

Rome's Ward 7 went to Republican David Sbaraglia, who secured 866 votes versus challenger Bruce Carpenter (D) with a final tally of 392.

In Utica, Republican Rocco Giruzzi was voted Common Council President with 4,756 voters picking him over Democrat Carmen Bossone.

Contested races in Utica leaned Democratic, with Robert Burmaster winning over Republican Javon Pratt in Ward 2 (433 to 240) and Joseph Betar over Republican Michael Brigano (1,370 to 1,092). Ward 5 went to Venice Ervin over Michael Zalocha (443 to 208).

Republicans secured victory in the contested race for Ward 4, Frank Carcone with 53 percent of voters picking him over Democrat Frank Meola.

Summer Woo contributed to this report.

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