The son of Central New York native Matt Guntert can snowboard better than he can talk. Kai is only fourteen months old and he's already a snowboarding phenomenon.

Guntert moved from Oppenheim Ephratah after breaking his back in a snowboarding accident at age 17. "I moved to California where the snow is softer," he joked. Guntert now lives 100 feet from Mammoth Mountain where he and his wife Kendal hit the slopes every day with their son Kai who is picking up the sport faster than kids learn to talk.

Matt Guntert

Kai is following in dad's footsteps and at a very young age. "He was starting to pull chairs out to climb on the table. He was walking at 8 months and running at 9. He's got great balance and we figured if he climbs on the counter, that's higher than he's going to fall if he's on a snowboard on the bunny hill, so lets give it a shot. And he did it. First try," says Guntert.

Kai has been on his snowboard almost every day since January 27th when he took his first run and dad says he's a fast learner. "We teach him one thing in the morning and he knows it by the afternoon."

Time, dedication, patience and safety is Guntert's main priorities when taking Kai on the hill. He says the hardest part wasn't teaching him to snowboard. It was teaching him to wear a helmet. "At first he would not wear it. He would kick and scream. It was like changing his diaper. He hated it. We finally got him to put it on himself."

Matt Guntert

At 14 months, Kai can snowboard better than some adults. He has fallen down but dad says it was from standing on the coffee table, not on the snowboard. "He's got such good balance and compared to other kids, he could be the best in the world right now for a kid at his age."

Most kids Kai's age are learning their ABC's and how to count. "He can't really talk in sentences yet. He can count to 4 and he can say snowboard," dad says.

The most important thing for Matt and his wife Kendal is making sure their son is having fun. "If he doesn't want to do it anymore, we'll support him in whatever he does," says Guntert.

Watch Kai's snowboarding adventures on his YouTube channel or Instagram.

Matt Guntert