UPDATE: April had her baby and you can watch HERE.

Millions of people from around the world have been watching April the giraffe at the Animal Adventure Park, who is ready to give birth. But the live feed was removed from YouTube after animal activists complained. Park owner Jordan Patch isn't letting that stop him from educating the world about animals and seeing the natural beauty of birth.

We're not going to let something like this get in our way. When we see hooves, we will go live on Facebook

"When the live feed went viral, it peaked the interests of many organizations who may not agree with what we do or maybe not understand. However having the YouTube live feed removed just took out an educational tool from schools around the world. What a lack of judgement on their part," says Patch.

YouTube took down the live feed for containing "nudity and sexuality content." After all the backlash, YouTube allowed the live feed to be put back up and you can watch below.

If the YouTube goes down again, Patch says you won't to miss the birth. "We're not going to let something like this get in our way. When we see hooves, we will go live on Facebook."

April is the only one not upset right now. "She's in great spirits. Nobody told her the camera is down," jokes Patch. "The calf is imminent. It just takes time."

A giraffe can be in labor anywhere from 2 to 6 hours but they can show signs of labor for days prior to the calf arriving. Patch says this isn't April's first time giving birth. "It is the first one at Animal Adventure but she's a season pro. She knows what she's doing. If anyone has kept their cool during this process it's April."

Unlike humans, giraffes give birth standing up. "It stops the calf from being crushed," explains Patch. "It severs the umbilical cord. It gets it started breathing. When the birthing begins we want her standing."

Patch can't promise April will deliver her calf today but he can promise an unproductive day for everyone else. "If you didn't get work done yesterday you sure as heck are not getting it done today."

The Animal Adventure Park is located in Harpursville, 15 minutes outside of Binghamton. Get details at TheAnimalAdventurePark.com or on Facebook.


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