All signs point to an amazing season for the Bills in 2021. Especially as an expert gives such high praise!

If you're a fan of the Buffalo Bills, you know it can be a little tough to watch at times. Well, that obviously was not the case at all in last year's season. Not only were the Bills good, but they won a division that had a stranglehold on it by the Patriots for the last two decades. To top that they made it all the way to the AFC Conference championship game in January. They were one step away from the Super Bowl. I'm a Giants fan and was rooting so hard to the Bills to make it there.

Mentioning the Super Bowl, the two teams that made it are the ones Peter King from NBC sports says are the number one and two teams. Those being the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Good news for us in Central New York, the Patriots rank in the middle of the pack. But the Buffalo Bills came in as the third-best team in all of the NFL. If you go by pure record, they should have been the second-best team as they were 13-3 last year.

This team fascinates me. I could see them getting on one of those steamrolling runs the Jim Kelly Bills did a generation ago. - Peter King/NBC Sports

Does this mean that the Bills could be big game-bound this year? I know the entire Bills Mafia across New York State would love to see that!

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