Dr. Richard Chmielewski of the Falcon Clinic was on the Keeler in the Morning program on Thursday talking about the Osteopathic approach to medicine.

How does it help? What makes it so unique and special? Does it work? These are all questions that people ask. The fact is, when traditional strategies and medicines don't work, the Osteopathic approach can fill in the gaps.

Dr. Chmielewski explained the pillars of Osteopathy which dates back well into the early 1900's. The concept is that the body traditionally health;s itself in many cases.  For instance with a cut or even an amputation, Dr. Chmielewski says the the severed limb doesn't grow back, but the area of the cut does repair itself and heal. Osteopathy relies on the concept that the body does have the ability to repair in many cases.

Dr. Chmielewski's goal on the radio is to inform people of the concept of Osteopathy in hopes that they would consider the treatment, While it doesn't 't have positive results in ewveryo9ne, it actually does in most patients.

Check out the slides provided by Dr. Chmielewski. Click here to view the presentation:

Origins of Osteopathic Medicine - Part 1 7-19-20 - Compatibility Mode

Listen to the interview on Keeler - here

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