Oneida County, NY (WIBX) - Law enforcement officials are reminding area motorist of some road challenges that come along with the changing season. Fall is officially here and experts say leaves are coming down early this year, which present wet and dangerous driving conditions, similar to icy roads.

Also, with school back in session, drivers are reminded to be aware of students walking along roadways because the morning commute is increasingly happening while it's still dark outside.

David McNew, Getty Images

Another change to look forward to is the end of Daylight Savings Time. Sunday November 4th, we roll back the clock an hour and officials say it will affect your driving.

Turning back the clock can have a negative impact on your internal clock--making you more  fatigue until body fully adapts to time change. Also, incidents of drowsy driving crashes are much higher the first weeks following the time changes according to the Madison County Sheriff's Office. And, keep in mind that animals are active when still dark outside.

Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images