Whitesboro, NY (WIBX) - A fire at Fred Burrows Trucking & Excavating Company on Oriskany Boulevard in Whitesboro last night brought down the metal building.Assistant Chief for the Whitesboro Fire Department, Dwayne Evans said, "It looks like it had started probably somewhere near the middle part of the building. We had to call mutual aid for tankers because there was only one hydrant and that's located at Route 291 and Route 69 so we had to do a very long relay to get that hydrant going. The fire traveled through the building and 3 vehicles on the outside of the building were destroyed. There was numerous amount of heavy equipment inside and everything was destroyed."

Evans said one civilian who may have been an employee was injured. He said the individual suffered a laceration to the head. He said there was some exposure to a nearby structure but Fire Fighters were able to save that building. "We're not sure what caused the fire at this time but obviously it was multiple vehicles that were burnt in the fire and that's basically what generated the huge fire that it was," he said.

Evans said  Oriskany, Floyd, Clark Mills and Westmoreland Fire Departments assisted with tanker trucks and said it took them several hours to bring the blaze under control. The cause of the fire is under investigation by Whitesboro Fire Department and  the Oneida County Sheriff's Office.