Utica, NY (WIBX) - "While all the counts for which you plead guilty are troubling, especially in the position of trust that you held, from a legal standpoint and from a moral standpoint, I was perhaps more troubled by the introduction of that [false] document than anything else. It stepped over the line."                   

That was Judge Donald Cerio addressing John Dote, the former chairman of the Independence Party of Oneida County.

During the half-hour long sentencing, Dote remained quiet, declining to comment when asked, and only spoke to decline his right to appeal.

According to officials, in October, the 60-year-old Dote pleaded guilty to six felonies and four misdemeanors.

Today, he was sentenced to six months of jail time, and five years of probation. Included in his probation are special conditions, including a complete withdrawal from politics for the length of his probation and to pay nearly 66-thousand dollars in restitutions.

Assistant District Attorney, Robert Bauer, says Dote's guilty plea is a victory for the people.

"I think the judge's words were well-put," Bauer said. "We need someone involved in politics [who] should be working for the people and not living off the people."

Dote may be able to re-enter politics once his probation expires.