Mayors across New York are looking at Detroit and its bankruptcy, and looking at ways to prepare for future hardships.

That from former New York assemblyman Richard Brodsky who sits on the Board of Advisors of the Global Panel Foundation.

''This train of municipal fiscal crises is coming to New York and we better figure out what we are going to do before it gets here. It's causing real conversations about the pain that's in everybody's future,'' Brodsky said.

Speaking to New York State as a whole, Brodsky says Governor Cuomo has talked about control boards, but says the flaw in such boards is that investors aren't affected by the outcome.

''With a control board, municipal workers, taxpayers and the people who use the services suffer, but the lenders, the bankers get their money. When a municipality files for bankruptcy, wall street gets a hair cut, too,'' he said.

Weiner and Spitzer

When asked about the candidacies of Elliot Spitzer for comptroller and Anthony Weiner for NYC Mayor, Brodsky said:

''It's enough already. Both of these guys have some talent and did some good things in office. And, people are forgiving for personal stuff, but both of them have opponents who are more than competent. But, when you see this repeated time and time again...just stop,'' Brodsky said.

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