It seems like the election season just concluded with the certification of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's victory. But, several candidates are already announcing their intentions to run for certain offices in 2021.

Specifically, four Common Council candidates for the City of Utica have announced their intentions to run already. Three of those individuals are incumbents and one of the candidates has served previously on the Council and is looking to seek a city wide position.

Freshmen Council members Celeste Friend and Delvin Moody are seeking their second terms. Former Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo-Testa recently announced she's seeking an "At-Large" seat for the city. Now, two-time Councilman-at-Large Frank DiBrango is announcing his intentions to run for a third term.

DiBrango said in a press release to the media,

During my past three and a half years as Council-At-Large, I have built a strong network with our community leaders and citizens, helped to produce a better working relationship between the common council and administration, regardless of party affiliation, and most importantly use the input I gather from our community members to make informed decisions.

DiBrango currently has the endorsement of the Democrat Party. He has been involved in city government through the extension of term limits, which was a big issue for the council in recent months. Several members voted to restore the term limits back to two terms after Mayor Palmieri extended the limit to three. DiBrango hopes to keep the progress in the city moving forward and is asking the public to give him that chance. Frank says, "I believe that Utica has seen a resurgence during my time as Councilperson and I would like to be able to continue to represent our hardworking families who call this city home."

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