The Frankfort Police department has decided to take part in 'No-Shave November' this year to support a local teen's fight against leukemia.

Officers from Frankfort are raising money to help Will Linscott and his family prepare for a bone marrow transplant and are asking you to get involved by growing your facial hair during the month of November.

Here's how it works:

  • Grow a mustache - donate $20
  • Grow a beard - donate $30 (includes any facial hair beyond a mustache)
  • If you shave before the end of November - pay a penalty donation of $40

The Frankfort Police are encouraging and welcoming anyone who wants to participate, and, to keep track of donations are asking those who wish to be involved to let them know by calling (315) 895-7566, or sending an email to either:  or

You can mail your donations to the Village of Frankfort Police Department, and you can make checks out to The Village of Frankfort PBA, with 'Whiskers for Will' in the note section.

The Frankfort Police would also like everyone to know that 100% of all donations collected will be given to the Linscott family.

Photo Courtesy Frankfort Police Department
Photo Courtesy Frankfort Police Department







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