Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Today we speak with the Chief of the Frankfort Police Dept. There is a fear that the Frankfort Police Department may be closing. Also, we get to the bottom of the frozen pipes problem with Pat Becher from the MV Water Authority.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to congress yesterday and Bill feels it was undermining the President and his policy, even if you think he's the worst President ever.


- We take some comments on Netanyahu speech and the discussion continues. Also we get the email address Hillary was using when she was Secretary of State. The email address is


- Josh Batstone is a teen from Fulton, NY and he has joined Team Adam on "The Voice." We also talk about the NBC reporter who wasn't ready for the camera. Ray Stagich gives us his forecast from The Weather Channel.

Peter Franklin - The Gabby Cabby

- Peter gives us his True Tales from NYC and we also talk with him about Netanyahu.

Get A Full Dose of Peter @

Chief Ron Petrie - Frankfort Police Chief

Jeff Monaski/WIBX
Jeff Monaski/WIBX

- In full disclosure, Bill was the Chief's wrestling coach. He is on to talk about the fact the Frankfort Police Department may be closing. It was past by the board not to dissolve the village department. We talk possible consolidation and other solutions.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente

- We have the County Executive on to talk about yesterday's State of the County Address and a big step in the right direction for Griffiss with the brand new terminal. We also address the issue of the Children's Museum and how valuable it could be.


- We tease the fact that Pat Becher will be on to talk about the frozen pipes issue. We talk about Curt Schilling as well and how he defended his daughter on Twitter. Also, Herschel Walker's son is a male cheerleader and he's proud.


- We clarify some topics brought up during the Male Cheerleading discussion and one of the Kennedy girls was denied admittance into the Lava Nightclub at Turning Stone.

Pat Becher - MV Water Authority

- Pat is the Executive Director of the Water Authority and he's in to talk about pipe freezing and how to prevent it. If a service pipe is on private property, it is the homeowners responsibility.

Professor Edward "Ed" Turzanski

- We get his reaction to the Netanyahu speech to congress. Ed was present at the speech and talks about what his thoughts were from the information he heard.


- We talk about the Kennedy daughter who was denied admittance to the Lava Nightclub at Turning Stone.

Ron Deutsch - Fiscal Policy Institute

- Ron is the Interim Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute and he is on this morning to talk about elements of the Governor's budget, especially concerning CNY.


- We wrap things up for the day and get in a little last minute housekeeping. We also share a few stories from the day.

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