If there was ever a time for infrastructure updates it is probably years ago, but for now we'll go with NOW. A ruptured gas line in Madison County shut down a portion of State Route 5.

Madison County officials announced Wednesday that a gas line ruptured along the roadway shutting down a large portion of Route 5 from Wampsville to Canastota. That portion of the travel route was shut down for hours. For a short time, officials warned residents to shelter in place because of the damage.

Madison County officials say due to the nature of the rupture and the fact they were dealing with natural gas, residents in the area between Canastota and Wampsville were asked to shelter in place. This type of incident is not too common, like that of a water main break. Sevices of natural gas were interrupted for some time for those county residents in the area of the gas line break.

For the duration of the incident members of the Madison County Sheriff's Office were on the scene to assist National Grid along with New York State Police and the Wampsville Fire Department. While Representatives in Congress continue to negotiate and debate an infrastructure package in Washington, incidents like this are happening all over the country. It is something that everyone wants and everyone needs. Hopefully, a resolution will come for those who need it.

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