President Trump's Chief of Staff very politely but cogently told the White House press corps on Thursday to 'develop some better sources'.

In full video of his first briefing (video above) at the White House podium, General John Kelly began by saying he wasn't quitting or getting fired today. While reporters collectively laughed at the comment, Kelly continued with with a stern look on his face.

Click ahead to the 1:47 mark of the above video:

''Although I read it all the time, pretty consistently, I'm not quitting today. I just talked to the President, I don't think I'm being fired today, and I'm not so frustrated that I'm thinking of leaving,'' Kelly said, before adding he believes his current job is both the hardest and most important he's ever had.

(3:32) ''My only frustration - with all due respect to everyone in the room - is when I come to work in the morning and read about things I allegedly said, or things that Mr. Trump allegedly said, or people who are gonna be fired or whatever - and it's just not true. And I mean no disrespect to y'all.''

Kelly then fielded a variety of questions from the room, including questions about aide to Puerto Rico, the US southern border, what President Trump believes, Congress, Senator Bob Corker and more.

Gen John Kelly (Via White House on YouTube)
Gen John Kelly (Via White House on YouTube)

But the topic of the media, and what Kelly called misreporting came up again later. At the 15:30 mark of the above video, Kelly answered this way when asked what 'frustrates' President Trump.

''One of his frustrations is you. All of you. Not all of you, but many of you...I'm a reasonable guy, but when I read in the is astounding to me how much is misreported. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are operating off of contacts, leaks, whatever you call 'em. But, I would just offer to you - the advice I would say, uh, you know maybe develop some better sources.''

He then started to give a hypothetical example of 'some person that works way down inside an office', then stopped himself, looked at the press corps and said, 'just develop some better sources'.

He went on to add that Congress frustrates the President, saying the process is designed to be slow, ''..and, it is'', Kelly said.

Beyond candidly advising the media to get better sources, there were also some interesting answers and questions from General Kelly, who isn't accustomed to standing before dozens of reporters and fielding questions on any and all topics. At one point  while responding to a question about the release of American hostages in Pakistan (8:22), Kelly started to answer, then stopped himself and paused while looking upward.

''What can I say,'' he asked himself out loud. ''I'm not making up a lie here, I'm just staying within the classification,'' Kelly said before answering the question.

On a lighter note, Kelly also had a question. At (18:03), he jokingly asked about the seating arrangement of the press corps, ''Are the people in the front like the most important people?'' When everyone started to laugh, Kelly quickly replied, ''No seriously...''.

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